How we work ?

Our team at Med Tour India 4 Health is dedicated to serve our clients with care and sincerity. We understand the apprehension faced before getting treated in foreign land. Our excellent team strive to give you the best experience. We will be there to guide you at every step and make sure that you go home stress-free and pain-free.

Here’s a glimpse of the process that we Med Tour India 4 Health follow.


Patient sends a query along with the latest medical reports through mail. Med Tour India 4 Health executive answers all questions and provides all the required information to the patient.

Pre-surgery consultation

Med Tour India 4 Health team finds and connects the best doctor with the patient. Doctor reviews the report and confirms whether patient is fit for travel or not, and answer any queries related to treatment.

Hospital & Travel

Patient is given options of all the hospitals specialized in his treatment. Once hospital is finalized, Med Tour India 4 Health travel team helps patient to make all the travel arrangements.


Pre & post-surgery accommodation will be done in A grade hotel which will be selected by patients for both himself & his attendant.

Treatment in India

Med Tour India 4 Health team receives the patient in India and guides him through the process. Our team is always there to help you and your attendant during the treatment.


Doctor will guide you about the follow-up check-up. Once you are fit to travel, our team can organize tours that will show you the natural and majestic cultural beauty of India.

Looking For Treatment In India?

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